Forms, Applications & Fee Schedules

Fee Schedules

All fee schedules are adopted on an annual basis at the first Council meeting of the year.
Click above to see full resolution and schedule of fees.

Please note:  All Subdivision/Land Development, Conditional Use, and E&S Permit Applications must be accompanied by a
Notice to Applicants and Reimbursement Form.

Subdivision/Land Development

Conditional Use

E&S and Septic Permits

Notice regarding E&S and Septic Permits

All applicants are required to make an appointment with:

Christina Mahoney
610-459-8911, ext. 105

Walk-in permit applications will not be accepted.

Stormwater Management (New
 Ordinance No. 382 replaces Township Code Chapter 148)

  1. Erosion & Sediment Control Application Fee
    (Refer to Page 13 of Resolution No. 6-2021)
  2. Stormwater Management Permit Application
  3. Notice to Applicants & Reimbursement Form
    Note:  All applications must be accompanied by this form.
  4. Ordinance Exhibit B
    Simplified Approach to Stormwater Management for Small Projects
  5. Ordinance Exhibit G
    Operations & Maintenance Agreement

Home Occupation Registration

Massage Establishment License (Township Code Chapter 120)

Building Code Board of Appeals

Codes Department Permits
Notice regarding Permit Applications

Due to the large volume of permit applications, all applicants
(COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL) are required to make an appointment with:

Maureen Kelly
610-459-8911, ext. 104

Walk-in permit applications will not be accepted.

Resale Certification

    1. Resale Certification Application
    2. Sewer Inspection / On-site Septic Report
    3. Affidavit for Visible Address Numbers
    4. Affidavit for Smoke Detectors / CO Alarms
    5. Affidavit for Swimming Pool / Spa Safety
    6. Sewer Rental Fee Certification - For properties on public sewer
  • Refer to Chapter 90 of The Code of the Township of Concord – Certificates of Use and Occupancy
  • Ordinance No. 338:  Requires private sewer lateral inspection prior to the resale of any property within Concord Township.
  • Ordinance No. 291Requires all properties lying within 150 feet of a Township sewer line to connect or escrow all funds necessary to connect to Township sewer.
Notice regarding Resale Certification Paperwork

If submitting Resale Certification paperwork in person, please make an appointment with:

Colleen Ranieri
610-459-8911,  ext. 127 

 Use & Occupancy Application (for NEW Commercial Businesses)

Park and Recreation - Facilities Usage

Property Safety – Annual Commercial / Rental Inspections

Road Opening Permit

Sewer Credits


Solicitation (Township Code Chapter 176)

Zoning Hearing Board