Road Work

2017 Concord Township Road Program

The 2017 Road Program was awarded to Glasgow Inc. at Township Council’s June 6 public meeting.

A “Notice to Proceed” has been issued for the 2017 Township Road Program.
It is anticipated that work will commence the week of 07/24/2017.
Affected residents will be notified by the township’s contractor, Glasgow Inc.
We will post further information as to scheduling when available.

1. Ivy Lane (Twp Line to Dogwood) in Fox Valley
2. Ivy Lane (Dogwood to Dougherty) in Fox Valley
3. Ivy Lane (Fox Valley to Woodrose) in Fox Valley
4. South Ivy Lane (Woodrose to Ivy) in Fox Valley
5. Cottonwood Drive (Pole Cat to end) in Fox Valley
6. Dogwood Lane in Fox Valley
7. Dogwood (between S Ivy and Twp Line) in Fox Valley
8. Levi Run
9. Clayton Park Drive in Clayton Farms
10. Green Creek Lane in Clayton Farms
11. Park Lane (Wendy to House 42)
12. Park Lane (House 42 to Schoolhouse)
13. Georges Way in Sharpless Farms
14. Peter Gamble Lane in Sharpless Farms
15. Minshall Circle in Sharpless Farms
16. Big Woods Drive in Concord Woods
17. Nicklin Drive in Concord Woods
18. Lockhart Drive
19. Swan Lake Drive
20. Powell Lane – Southbound Lane (Baltimore Pike to Windsor Driveway)

21. Sewer Plant Driveway
22. Park & Rec Parking Lot & Driveway

1. Concord & Cheyney
2. Smithbridge & Station
3. Smithbridge & Temple
4. Naaman’s Creek & Shavertown
5. Naaman’s Creek & Pyle
6. Stoney Bank and Baltimore Pike

7. Temple Road Crosswalk
8. Concord Road Stop Bars at Fire Station
9. Beaver Valley Road
10. Spring Valley Road

Contact the Township at with any questions or comments regarding Township work.

PennDOT should be contacted regarding state roads

PennDOT Improvements:

PennDOT roadwork continues in Concord Township.  Visit the Township’s Route 322 Improvement Project page for project information, updates and announcements.

07/07/2017 PennDOT Project Update:

  • US 202 South (Wilmington-West Chester Hwy.) – between Smithbridge Rd. & Beaver Valley Rd.
    07/10/17 – 10/02/17
    LANE RESTRICTIONS – Weekdays 9 A.M. – 3 P.M.
    for sewer installation
  • US 322 East & West (Conchester Hwy.) - between US Route 1 (Baltimore Pike) & Clayton Park Drive
    03/20/17 – 10/20/17
    PERIODIC LANE RESTRICTIONS – Weekdays 9 A.M. – 3 P.M. and 7 P.M. – 6 A.M.
    for reconstruction and road widening

Any questions regarding permitted PennDot project work can be directed to their attention at 610-480-1935.

The above is subject to change.  PennDOT should be contacted regarding all
state roads.

For more roadway maintenance information, visit:


PennDOT reminds motorists they can log on to or call 511
from any phone to check traffic conditions on major highways before heading out.

For local PennDOT information, follow on Twitter at:,
 or call 610.205.6700.


Traffic Light


Adaptive Traffic Signal System:

In late October 2015, the InSync Adaptive Traffic Signal System is scheduled to be operational on Route 202.  This system, originally installed by Concord Township on Baltimore Pike in 2014, is being extended down Route 202 from Oakland Road to Johnson Farm Lane via a grant from PennDOT’s Automatic Red Light Enforcement (ARLE) program.  The grant was applied for on behalf of Concord and Chadds Ford Townships and the project, like the Baltimore Pike project, is being completed at no cost to the Townships.   Note that the intersections of Route 202 & Hillman and Route 202 & Applied Card will be upgraded at the same time by the developer of the Brandywine Mills project.

The InSync system, developed by Rhythm Engineering, utilizes video detection cameras for each intersection approach to determine how many vehicles are waiting in each lane, and how long they have been there.  The system uses this information to decide which approach should receive a green light, and how long the green phase should last.

The InSync system has significantly reduced waiting times on Route 1 and we are looking forward to the extension down Route 202.  We appreciate everyone’s patience as this system becomes operational; please be aware of new traffic patterns.  Please feel free to send any comments, observations or complaints to