Township Council Members

Council members serve the entire 13.8 square mile area of Concord Township and are elected on an at-large basis rather than by district.  There is no mayor.  Township Council members serve in both legislative and executive roles.  The Township Manager is responsible for the day-to-day business of the township.

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Dominic Pileggi Dominic A. Pileggi, President

Council / Board member since:  July 1998
Areas of Responsibility:  Codes, Solicitor, All Committees &
                                                   Planning Commission

Township Service:  Planning Commission – Oct 1994 to Apr 1999
                                     Land Planning – May 1995 to 2013
                                     Sewer Authority – Jan 2005 to Sep 2009

John Gillespie John J. Gillespie, Vice-President

Council / Board member since:  June 2005
Areas of Responsibility:  Engineering/Trails, Financial,
                                                  Senior Citizens & Public Works
Township Service:  Planning Commission – Sep 1998 to Apr 2005
                                     Sewer Authority – Jun 2005 to Jul 2011
                                     Land Planning – Jun 2005 to 2013

Libby Salvucci Elizabeth A. “Libby” Salvucci

Council / Board member since:  January 2012
Areas of Responsibility:  Financial, Open Space, Public Safety &
Township Service:  Zoning Hearing Board – Aug 2004 to Jan 2012

Gail Ryan Gail M. Ryan

Council / Board member since:  June 2015
Areas of Responsibility:  Administration, Open Space,
                                                 Public Safety, School District &
                                                 Parks and Recreation

Thomas Mahoney Thomas J. Mahoney

Council / Board member since:  August 2016
Areas of Responsibility:  Trails, Fire Company,
                                                  Brandywine Youth Club,
                                                  Historical Society & Library
Township Service:  Constable – Jan 2010 to Aug 2016