Home Rule Transition

Home Rule Ordinance
Adopted 12-06-2016


During the General Primary Election on April 26, 2016, Concord Township residents voted to accept the Government Study Commission’s proposed Home Rule Charter.  The adopted Home Rule Charter incorporates the need for a transition committee. The seven-member transition committee will serve without pay and will consist of the township manager, two supervisors, two Government Study Commission members, and two township residents. The Home Rule Transition Committee will review the township’s existing ordinances, rules and regulations in order to align with the new Home Rule Charter.  All changes are to be presented to the Board of Supervisors for approval before January 1, 2017. For more background information on the Government Study Commission or to view the Commission’s Final Report and Home Rule Charter, visit the Government Study Commission webpage.


Home Rule Transition Committee
appointed June 7, 2016

Dominic A. Pileggi, Board of Supervisors
John J. Gillespie, Board of Supervisors
Brenda L. Lamanna, Township Manager
Josh Twersky, Government Study Commission
Robert Tribit, Government Study Commission
Tracy Gibley, Township Resident
Lisa Lawler, Township Resident



Home Rule Transition Committee – Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date Meeting Minutes
06-29-2016 06-29-16 Organization Meeting Minutes
07-21-2016 07-21-16 Meeting Minutes
07-28-2016 *07-28-16 Public Meeting Cancelled*
08-04-2016 *08-04-16 Public Meeting Cancelled*
09-08-2016 09-08-16 Meeting Minutes
09-29-2016 *09-29-16 Public Meeting Postponed*
10-05-2016 10-05-16 Meeting Minutes


A Vehicle For Local Government Change
Home Rule Can Bring Flexibility to a Township,
But It Cannot Supersede State and Federal Laws

by Amy Bobb
PA TownshipNews – October 2016


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