Contractor Registration

The Contractor Registration section of the Code of the Township of Concord
(Chapter 82, Part 2, Article III) requires all builders and contractors engaging in construction activities in Concord Township to register with the Township prior to engaging in such construction activities.

A license will be required prior to the acceptance of building permits.
The application fee is $100.00.

All applications must be fully completed, signed and notarized, and accompanied by an insurance certificate showing Concord Township as additional insured with the type and amounts of insurance as specified in Section 82-15 of said Code of the Township of Concord.

Plumbers working in Concord Township
MUST be in possession of a Master Plumber Certification!

For Concord Township Forms and Fee Schedules, visit:  Forms and Fee Schedules

To view the Concord Township Code, visit:  The Code of the Township of Concord

As of July 1, 2009, contractors who perform home improvements totaling $5,000 or more per year must register with the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General.

For more information or to register, visit:

PA Attorney General Consumer Helpline: 1-888-520-6680

PA Attorney General Contractor Helpline: 717-772-2425

Affected contractors should submit a copy of PA state license along with a certificate of liability insurance to the Township.