Commercial & Institutional Establishments

As mandated by Pennsylvania State Act 101 and Concord Township Ordinance No. 179, all commercial, industrial and institutional establishments in Concord Township must separate, store and arrange for recycling collection of at least three of the following materials:

  • High-Grade Office Paper
    Examples:  White bond paper, White stationary, White note pad paper, Computer printout paper, Non-glossy copier paper, Manila file folders, Tabulating cards, Miscellaneous white paper forms (ink color does not matter)
  • Clear Glass 
  • Aluminum Cans 
  • Newspapers 
  • Corrugated Paper
    Examples:  Boxes and other corrugated cardboard

    Note:  Please remove all staples and tape. 
  • Used Motor Oil (generated by business) 
  • Leaves



Notice to Recycling & Trash Haulers

As per the Township Code, recycling and trash hauler business owners are required to forward their recycling totals to Brenda L. Lamanna, Township Manager by the first week of February.